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Educational Hands On Programs

Interactive Lessons * Speakers

Storytellers * Productions


KHG consortium partners offers programming for schools and organizations that engage, educate and entertain participants. We offer a variety of programs for schools, camps, day care facilities, and Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops.  Our programs are developed and can be adjusted to meet the requirements and learning styles and abilities of children ranging between 3-18 years of age.

Our school/student programs support the observation, analytical and decision-making skills listed within

the Maryland State Curriculum requirements and as well as District of Columbia school curriculum requirements. All of our school and student programs and lessons have pre and post curriculum activities.

We also offer adult programming, hands-on experiences, speakers series and dramatic productions.

Our KHG team of producers, educators, writers and performers can also assist your organization or 

school to develop new and innovative programming specifically to meet your needs.

We include among our educational program offering:                                      

                                                Hands-On Activities and Lessons

  •    Heritage Family Memory Journals,Back to School Summer Memory Journals ( All Ages)

  •    Natural Organic Paint Making (All Ages)

  •    Montgomery County Archeology Explorers Excursions (12 to Adult)

  •    The History of Textiles from Africa to America - Symbolism Textile Dyeing and Design

                                      Dramatic Programs & Productions

  •    Living Museum - Mini School  and Historic Venue Productions

  •    Historic Storytellers Children's Hour


  • The History of Black Education in Montgomery County

  • African American Kinship Communities of Montgomery County and the Path to Freedom

  • Before Camp David There Was Headwaters Farm ( Pres. Franklin Roosevelt's Retreat- Olney,MD)

  • Blindspotting: Preconceived Notions and Diversity

  • The Origin of the Cotton Industry - Africa, Slavery and Wealth


  • Arts In The Outdoors -Painting

  • Textile Artist

  • Storytelling

  • Bookmaking

For More Information and Program Outlines Contact:

  Joy Turner -


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