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Saturday June 8, 2019


 The African American Health Program (AAHP) will sponsor the 15th Annual Health Freedom Celebration Walk at the Woodlawn Manor Cultural Park in Sandy Spring, Maryland. AAHP invites everyone to join us as we walk together to reflect on and celebrate freedom and good health. The Freedom Health Celebration Walk is an opportunity to focus on the importance of physical fitness to a person's well-being and will hopefully motivate participants to start or continue exercising on a consistent basis.


In collaboration with Health Freedom, Inc., a non-profit organization focused on supporting all Americans in building good health habits, the Health Freedom Celebration Walk promotes increased physical activity while making creative use of Maryland’s integral role in the Underground Railroad. Participants can visit the new Woodlawn Museum in the historic stone barn, where interactive exhibits highlight Montgomery Blacks, the Underground Railroad and the Quaker experience in Montgomery County. The Health Freedom Celebration Walk will also feature musical entertainment, free health information, and fun for the entire family.

 Please register for free at: 

Kinlock Heritage Group will be on site with displays

  • Quilt Codes of the Underground Railroad 

  • The History and Origin of Cotton-  Africa,Slavery & Wealth. 

Stop by our tables for FREE Heirloom Seed Packets and to learn more about our programming and upcoming  events in support of Maryland Heritage and History.

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Saturday, June 29 2019

12:00 pm - 4:00pm

Warren Historic Site

Heritage Days Celebration

This unique African American early crossroads settlement of Martinsburg dates back to 1860.  It was racially integrated which was uncommon in rural Maryland at that time.  Nathan Naylor, a free black man, purchased 97 acres in the community in 1866 and other former slaves followed. This rare African American settlement retains the three anchors of the historic community - Warren Chapel, Martinsburg Negro School and Loving Charity Hall a benefit society lodge. The Warren Historic Site is the only African American historic site on which all three of the original building have survived.

Join us on Heritage Days and step back into history

          12:00pm - 4:00pm      Tour the Warren Site

                                               Exhibit of Black Schools in Montgomery County

                                               Exhibit of the History and Preservation of the Warren Site

          12:30pm - 1:30pm     Quilt Codes of the Underground Railroad - History or Mystery?

                                              Dr. Blanche Brownley

          2:00pm -3:00pm         The Beginning of Education for Persons of Color

                                              (Interactive Living Presentation)  Joy Turner

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JUNE 29 & 30

12 TO 4PM

This year marks the 22nd annual Heritage Days Weekend - a countywide festival offering programs and activities appealing to visitors of all ages and interests.

With over 40 free events at Montgomery County parks,museums, and historic sites, Heritage Days is the perfect time to explore local history,culture, and nature.

Programs highlight local farming history, railroads and trolleys, historic African American communities and much more.

For more information about Heritage Days Weekend click below to visit the Heritage Montgomery Website or call 301 515-0753

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